Energy on the move: Speakers from more than ten countries will advise companies on how to prepare for change

Prague, Bratislava, Zagreb, Budapest,  19. august 2022

Energy on the move: Speakers from more than ten countries will advise companies on how to prepare for change

Prague, Bratislava, Zagreb, Budapest,  19. august 2022

Rising prices, war, advancing decarbonisation and pressure to digitize the grid. The energy sector is going through a turbulent period that is affecting businesses and households. Answers on how to emerge stronger from the crisis, what else to prepare for and what current most innovative solutions look like will be presented at the international Share Your Energy conference, which will take place online and free of charge on September 13th.

What is the future of the European energy market? How will energy prices evolve and what will be the effect of the war in Ukraine? What technological innovations are within our grasp? These and many other important questions will be discussed by speakers from eleven European countries including innovators creating new energy solutions, network operators or analysts who work with flexibility aggregation and can advise on how to save or even make money despite rising prices.

“Europe has started to rethink and rebuild its energy grid and it is clear that there will be a massive increase in deployment of renewables in the upcoming years. Historically, the times when the wind doesn’t blow or the sun doesn’t shine have been compensated for by gas and coal-fired power stations. Especially because of gas, this is an increasingly untenable situation for geopolitical and environmental reasons. We need to look elsewhere for flexibility,” explains Stanislav Chvála, CEO of Czech technology company Nano Energies, which is hosting the conference. “Share Your Energy will present solutions that can facilitate the energy transformation. The conference will focus in particular on the aggregation of flexibility, which will play a key role in that transformation and involves cooperation from many different industries.”

The conference will be opened by Michael Villa as the keynote speaker, who heads the SmartEn association, a European thought leader on demand-side flexibility, electricity markets frameworks and digitalization addressing how to switch to clean energy quickly and cheaply and how flexible consumers can help. This will be followed by a panel discussion focusing on the most pressing issues in today’s energy sector electricity and gas prices, the stability of energy resources supply and how to prepare for developments in the upcoming months.Andrii Nemyrovskyi, a member of the board of directors of the Ukrainian transmission system operator UKRENERGO, his Czech counterpart Svatopluk Vnouček from ČEPS, and David Kučera from the Prague Energy Exchange PXE will discuss geopolitics, price developments and the necessity of integrating renewable energy sources.

The second panel will be made up of representatives of grid operators from the Czech Republic (Radek Hartman from ČEPS), Slovakia (Peter Dovhun from SEPS), Croatia (Antun Andrić from HOPS) and Hungary (Richárd Balog z MAVIR) and Belgium (Manuel Gálvez from ELIA). The debate will cover the (in)sufficiency of generation resources for the coming winter, the impact of gas on balancing the grid across Europe and the changes to expect in the flexibility market, specifically with ancillary services, in the coming months.

The third main part of the conference programme will be dedicated to the significant technical innovations that are already at work in the West and will very likely fundamentally transform the energy sector in our region within a few years. Charlie Blair from the Scottish start-up Gravitricity, which is working on a project in the Ostrava region to use gravity for energy storage, will speak. Lurien Klein from Cleanwatts in Portugal will present the possibilities for ordinary users such as households to contribute to the energy transition to renewable energy sources. And Cristina Mata Yandiola from Powerledger will explain how peer-to-peer electricity trading benefits distribution networks.

The experience of Czech corporate customers providing ancillary services will be presented by Tomáš Mužík from Nano Energies. The current state of ancillary services in Slovakia and the PIAF project, which deals with the involvement of decentralized energy flexibility resources in ancillary services, will be presented by Silvia Čuntalová from SEPS and Ján Mišovič, country manager of Nano Energies Slovakia.

Last but not least, the organizers are also preparing a panel that will focus on residential flexibility and community energy and its near future in the Czech Republic. A discussion on what the future of smart residential flexibility management will look like for homes and businesses will be led by representatives from residential distributors, car manufacturer ŠKODA  and technology innovators from Nano Energies.

You can register for the conference now at, where you can also find a preliminary agenda for the event. The Share Your Energy conference will take place online and free of charge on September 13 and will be streamed live from Nano Energies’ headquarters – the award-winning DRN building on Národní třída.

The event is organized by Nano Energies with the support of Czech national grid operator ČEPS.